On day 2 of the Dashboard Week challenge, we had the opportunity to dive into the world of superannuation statistics and analyze the performance of various super funds in Australia. It was a fascinating experience, and I decided to focus my analysis on my current superannuation fund, Hostplus. Hostplus is known for its strong investment performance, low fees, and member benefits, which makes it a popular choice among Australians.

During the time crunch of Dashboard Week, I opted to manually clean the data using Excel instead of spending too much time on Alteryx. Once I had my data in Tableau, I was able to uncover some interesting insights. One of the key takeaways was Hostplus’s consistently strong investment returns, outperforming its benchmark over the years with returns well above the industry median. The fund’s strong focus on the hospitality, tourism, recreation, and sport sectors could be a contributing factor to this success, as these sectors have historically performed well.

Another interesting finding was that Hostplus charges relatively low fees compared to other super funds in the country, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious customers looking to maximize their returns. Additionally, Hostplus has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an increase in both members and assets under management. This suggests that Hostplus’s reputation for strong investment performance and low fees is resonating with Australians who are seeking a reliable provider of superannuation services.

Finally, Hostplus has been able to differentiate itself from other super funds by tailoring its messaging and benefits to the needs and interests of its target demographic – the hospitality, tourism, recreation, and sport industries. This approach has allowed Hostplus to build a loyal customer base and a strong brand.

Overall, my analysis of Hostplus’s performance using APRA’s annual fund-level superannuation statistics revealed some fascinating insights into the fund’s success. I encourage you to check out my dashboard for more details and to explore the data yourself:

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