Hi there, here we go with our second challenge. The second challenge presented to us is related to the US international air passenger and freight, which you can find by accessing this link: U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics Report | US Department of Transportation.

About the data and data preparation:

the data contains daily flight departure statistics (1990-2022) from the US to international airports. We did not need any data preparation as the data was provided already cleaned up and ready to go.

My approach:

My approach to relating the facts from this data source is through journal format ( I’m old, old soul or classic). I used to read the news in the journal. 😊 Anyway, after having set the story format t would like to present the facts. I started to do my exploratory data analysis (EDA).

The Dashboard:

The dashboard created will give you insights pre-covid and during covid time. the elements I used to make a comparison were schedule passengers, chartered passengers, schedule departure, chartered departure, schedule/chartered freight and more.

Notes: Keep the axis’ label. I removed the axis’ labels from the first 2 charts. keep just the line ‘chartered freight’ on chartered analysis chart below the map and a couple of more adjustments.

In conclusion, It was pretty amazing to have the opportunity to work with this kind of data, and also to deliver the insights in a journal format.(it was enjoyable). I might bring the Barbosaus News edition 2. 😊

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