Embarking on a project centered around retirement funds, I delved into a comprehensive dataset that encompassed financial figures, member statistics, and fee details spanning several years. My mission: to craft a revealing dashboard, spotlighting the performance of the Australian Retirement Trust in comparison to its counterparts.

Choosing the Australian Retirement Trust as my focal point, I meticulously curated a series of charts encapsulating diverse metrics. These visualizations were then pitted against my benchmark for a nuanced analysis.

To breathe life into my vision, I opted for Figma in shaping the dashboard’s design. The flexibility afforded by design programs like Figma proved indispensable in weaving a seamless narrative around the data, complementing the robust analytical capabilities of Tableau.

Conducting such comparative studies is a voyage into the intricacies of data, offering profound insights into its structure and the operational dynamics of the entity under scrutiny. Despite the time constraints, with only half a day to acquaint myself with, process, analyze, and translate the data into a comprehensive dashboard, this challenge was a formidable yet enriching experience.

Navigating the intricacies of Retirement Trusts during this endeavor has not only enhanced my understanding of financial data but has also provided a unique perspective on the inner workings of an industry I was less familiar with. This rapid but immersive journey has been a testament to the power of quick learning and adaptation in the realm of data analytics.

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