On the second day of dashboard week, we were tasked with creating a Tableau dashboard using a sports dataset from a list on GitHub.

The dataset I chose to use for this challenge was Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Having watched a few UFC fights in the past, I was a little bit familiar with this sport but still had a limited understanding of the sport. The data I chose contained three datasets within it, which included:

  1. Fights
  2. Rankings
  3. Roster

My approach to choosing the story I wanted to tell was finding the biggest underdog in the UFC sport and follow the fighter’s story to success. I narrowed down on an Australian fighter, Alexander Volkanovski, who sought to seek success in the featherweight and lightweight division of UFC after Conor McGregor’s reign over this division came to a conclusion. This blog will take you through the steps I took in producing a Tableau dashboard using the dataset I chose.

When taking a look at the data, I noticed some inconsistencies which included “N/A” for some rows but nulls in other rows. This meant that the next step would be to bring this data into Alteryx and ensure that the data was clean and ready for visualisation in Tableau.

Using all three datasets, I created a narrowed down each one to just include Alexander Volkanovski and the opponents he fought against. When bringing in the ranking and roster dataset, I found that not all fighters were in this dataset, which caused some nulls. I chose to still include these rows instead of dropping them as the dataset was already relatively small after filtering to just Volkanovski and his opponents.

When creating the dashboard, I wanted to consider what questions I wanted to answer about Alexander Volkanovski. Some of the questions I wanted to answer included:

  1. How does Volkanovski’s performance compare to his opponents in terms of win rate and win streak?
  2. Does Volkanovski dominate his opponents using a particular method for victory (decision, submission, technical knockout or knockout)?
  3. What does Volkanovski’s opponents’ statistics look like?

Once I had a clear understanding of the questions and story I wanted to tell, I spent a majority of my time deciding the best chart design to display the data effectively and efficiently. The use of colours was tricky for this dashboard as I chose to stick with the colours of the UFC brand. I decided to implement greyscale colours to increase the colour palette of my dashboard.

My final dashboard can be viewed on my Tableau Public.

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