As usual, after finishing our presentation from the previous challenge, we were given another challenge around 10 AM. This third challenge is quite interesting to me. I got inspired to create a dashboard in a form of a magazine to illustrate my findings.

The Data

The data is a collection of artworks being acquired at the Museum of Modern Art – MoMA which could be downloaded at The data contains 2 CSV files including the  ‘Artist’ file and the ‘Artwork’ file which is quite messy and needs a bit of cleaning compared to the other one.

Looking closely into the data, I discovered that the ‘Artwork’ contains all of the biography columns from the ‘Artist’ and it doesn’t need to be cleaned. Hence, I just needed to pre-process the Artwork data only. The granularity of the artwork data is on Object ID which is the name of the artwork. However, one artwork could be created by multiple artists and they all are recorded on the same rows separated by a comma.

My solution for this problem is to just handle the constituent ID column and used it to join with the Artist in order to use all of the biography columns from it. By doing this I did not make any effort in cleaning the messy artwork data. The below image is my solution for this data challenge.

The Dashboard

I finished preprocessing the data around 1 PM which means that I just had around 4.5 hours for the dashboard. I spend around 2 hours exploring the data however I could not find any interesting insights at that time. Luckily, around 4 PM, I managed to find the story that I wanted to tell and started putting the dashboard together.

My story focuses on the artworks from French artists at MoMA. Below is the image of my dashboard and also a link to my Tableau Public. Hope you find my dashboard interesting.


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