Today we have received data from taxation statistics. There was a lot of data in different tables and we had to choose one for analysis pretty quickly to be able to time box with the dashboard.

Data was quite clean and didn’t require much manipulations in Alteryx. I just had to rename some fields and split the columns.

I found the data to be interesting for analysis as it gave a lot of information about the taxes and income for different groups and states. My analysis was mostly based on the age groups, showing the ratio of taxes paid, deductions types claimed and amount of tax over the years.

Looks like the age group 40-55 y.o is contributing the most amount of taxes and also paying the highest tax ratio.  Age group of 75 y.o is mostly paying taxes from the income from the rental property, because they don’t have mortgage by this age.  Over the years we are paying more taxes

I thought I’ve done good with time boxing this time, but I think I need to pay more attention to formatting of the dashboard. Also some supplementary data will be helpful in analyzing population income status by suburbs.


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