Today is day 3 of Dashboard Week! The challenge for today was to create a visualisation in Power BI. We were given an interesting dataset based on the Titanic. I decided to focus on survival rates, particularly for children. I wanted to visualise differences in survival rates based on age, gender and class. I created two similar dashboards, one as an overview and the second focusing specifically on child survival rates.

We were instructed to include the following features in our dashboard.

  • Merge Join/s
  • Edit Queries
  • DAX Formula/s
  • Custom Visual
  • Interaction
  • Bonus – Parameters!

The experience of working in Power BI after spending so much time using Tableau was very challenging. Initially, I found joining the data quite straightforward. However, most other features feel much more intuitive in Tableau. For example, I found using a DAX formula a lot more complicated than any Tableau calculations I’ve done before. On the other hand, it was fun to play around with Power BI’s custom visuals as there are a lot more chart options than in Tableau. There are also some formatting options that I found easier in Power BI such as aligning objects on the dashboard.

You can view my dashboard below

Although I enjoyed spending the day analysing an interesting dataset with Power BI, I still much prefer using Tableau!


Titanic Image by Cliff

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