For day 3 of Dashboard week, we analyzed the Victorian crime statistics data and built a Power BI dashboard. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the challenge since I had comparatively less experience with Power BI than Tableau. Then, I decided that it would be easier to handle the challenge in smaller pieces rather than trying to look at it as a whole. Let me walk you through the approach I took to navigate through this challenge:

  1. Choosing the dataset

The first step was to choose a dataset from the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency website. The website had different datasets about criminal incidents, victim reports, and family and alleged offender incidents. After looking at all the datasets, I decided to focus my analysis on the alleged offender incidents and the demographic distribution of the offenders.

  1. Analyze the data

Once I downloaded the Excel file, I found that it had a lot of sheets, and each sheet represented a different table. For simplicity, I used a table that contained all the necessary information. I also filtered out all the aggregated values from the table.

  1. Create the dashboard

Building a dashboard in Power BI is surprisingly straightforward due to its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality. I wanted to visualize the data for the following areas:

  • Total incidents by sex
  • Breakdown of incidents by age group and sex
  • Total incidents by year and age group

I also wanted to include a tooltip to look at the trend of incidents by year, but I had to park that idea due to the shortage of time. I was able to implement it in Tableau but have yet to work it out in Power BI. Finally, I was able to create the following dashboard.

Using this dashboard, I found that:

  • Even though most of the alleged offenders were males, the number of incidents involving women aged 17 and under was slightly higher.
  • There were more alleged offender incidents in the year 2021.
  • There has been a significant increase in incidents for the age group of 10-14 years.

In my opinion, the Power BI challenge was quite interesting, and it was a good learning experience. I hope to learn more about Power BI in the upcoming days.

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