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Today is the third day of dashboard week and we were given a website that contains charts about the market share of different categories like mobile phones, operating systems, social media platforms, screen resolution, etc. For each of the topic, we can choose the region or country and date range that we want to look at.

The Workflow

The requirement is we need to web scrape the first before we can use the data. However, I had a problem with Alteryx not being able to download the data from the website, I eventually had to download the data provided instead of web scraping.

I only use Alteryx to transpose the fields into 1 column and output the data.

The Dashboard

I chose the social media statistics in the period of 03-2009 until 02-2023 to work on.

Overall, Facebook has always got the highest average market share throughout the period investigated, last 5 year, and last year. It’s market share is greater than the total of market share of the rest of the platforms, with high monthly active users as well as high revenue and profit.

But if we look at Instagram and Pinterest, we can see that these 2 platforms are going the opposite ways. While Pinterest started off earlier and got higher rank from the beginning, it’s slowing losing its place for Instagram, which finally overtook Instagram in 2022. Even though the average market share of Pinterest is still higher than that of Instagram, its monthly active users and financial including revenue and net income are much lower than Instagram. This is due to the users base of the platforms, while Pinterest is more for those wanting to share creative products and search only when needed, Instagram is more for daily use. At the same time, Instagram has better ads options and targeting better than Pinterest, due to the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, with a big user data so that the targeting audience will be more accurate.

If I had more time, I would like to explore other platforms, such as StumbleUpon, which used to have very high market share, even higher than Facebook before 04/2009, but it was slowing losing the market and got to one of the bottom platforms towards mid 2010s.

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