Today was day 3 of Dashboard Week, and the challenge was Star Wars API data from SWAPI – The Star Wars API.

Data Preparation

Firstly, the data was not readily available, so an API was required to pull the data. Once the data was retrieved, it needed to be cleaned and transformed.

My Alteryx workflow looked like this:


Initially, I wanted to use all 6 tables, but after a few hours decided to use 3 out of the 6 tables, Planets, Species and People. It was quite challenging to tell a story with the data, but it was quite fun using the API and preparing in Alteryx. In the end, I decided to make some comparisons with Earth.

Here is my dashboard.


It would appear that there are a fair few planets in the Star Wars data base that have a very similar gravitational pull to that of Earth. These planets also have between 60-80% of their surface area covered by water (Earth is about 75%).
It was found that in the Star Wars Universe, we could relocate to another planet if Earth became unlivable.

You can view my tableau dashboard here:
Star Wars | Tableau Public

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I hope you have enjoyed the post, and I will see you next time.

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