Embarking on this week’s dashboard project, I delved into a rich dataset brimming with U.S. election data, focusing my lens on the intriguing political landscape of Florida. The goal? Uncover the factors driving the recent shifts in the state’s political dynamics.

As I waded through the data, a plethora of key insights emerged, particularly around the financial contributions and the recipients in the electoral arena. The exploration aimed to shed light on the “why” behind the notable changes in Florida’s political scene.

However, this investigative journey wasn’t without its challenges. The dataset proved to be a heavyweight, pushing the limits of my computing capacity. Downloading and processing the data became a daunting task, with frequent freezes forcing me to strategize. Breaking down the dataset into manageable chunks became the workaround, allowing my computer to process the information without a hiccup. Alteryx stepped in as a valuable ally in cleaning and preparing the data, paving the way for a seamless transition to Tableau for dashboard creation.

Navigating through this data jungle was not only a technical challenge but an educational one. The experience provided a deep dive into a realm different from my usual domains, offering a valuable opportunity to explore and analyze diverse datasets. The intricacies of political finance and donor inclinations unfolded as I sifted through the data, enriching my understanding of this multifaceted topic.

In the end, the project wasn’t just a technical triumph; it was a captivating journey of discovery, proving that even heavy datasets can unveil fascinating narratives about the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. elections.

If you would like to check out this dashboard:

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