Is Election campaigning helping the Parties to win?

Fundraising is a critical component of any election campaign, as it provides the financial resources necessary to support various activities such as advertising, events, staff salaries, and outreach efforts. The present dashboard is deigned to explore two biggest political parties of USA.

For the Day 3, we again got a very huge and noisy dataset to work on. We were happy in the beginning as it is not a finance data but believe me this data set was much more difficult to work on as it was quite big and the data was not at its granular level. To dive into the more granularity one have to download another big data file. So lets start how I begin with it.

The dataset was downloaded from Database on Ideology, Money in Politics, and Elections (DIME): Public version 3.1 | Stanford Libraries Social Science Data Collection

After downloading both recipient and donor file, I tried to do some data wrangling on Alteryx -1. To reduce the size, 2 To make it more aggregated and denormalized

The flow used for this is

Later the dashboard was generated. What I analyzed is how funding/campaigning helping these two powerful parties to win elections. Starting from the parties I dive into the top most recipient and then compared the metrices for each recipient under republic and democratic parties. I am happy that Shane liked my analysis and on the story part I got a very positive feedback from Shane

The link for the dashboard is here.

See you again tomorrow!



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