Over halfway through dashboard week thanks to the public holiday, today’s challenge was an open-ended challenge. We were provided with 2021 Census data for Victoria and told to find a story and augment the data in any way we choose.

There are a number of data sets in the package, and they are of varying completeness. Having looked through the data (and being a migrant myself) I decided to look into the immigration data. The data had a number of useful fields but unfortunately, it was not visualisation friendly.

Tableau Prep (Aka Batman because Superman had the day off)

We were instructed that Alteryx was out of bounds for this task and that we could use any method to wrangle the data. So, in its absence, I chose Tableau Prep and set to work pivoting the data and cleaning up some fields to make it more vis-friendly. This was actually simple enough as all that needed to happen was some pivoting and renaming for consistency, along with dropping some columns that wouldn’t be that useful.


prep flow

Once I had the data as I wanted it, I began my exploration. The best story I could see would revolve around looking at who the migrants are, how they fare here in Victoria and how that has changed over time as the data ran from 2011-2021. The only bit of data I wanted to add was visa grant data to see what types of visas were being approved. I was able to find this on the ABS website and added it to my flow.

Tableau (Not Prep)

My vis would look at the reasons why migration was important. So, falling birth rates, working age population as a percent of total and migration stats over time. The second part would look at age, education and earnings as a measure to see how they were doing and finally looking at what visas were granted and how they changed overtime.

I finished with a pretty crowded and undynamic dashboard due to the volume and nature of the data. The pace was slower today for me as there was so much data and much was incomplete that it took me a long time to formulate any semblance of a plan of what story I wanted to tell. One more to go and a well-earned rest from one day dashboards.

Here is the viz.


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