As part of Dashboard Week, we were given the task of creating a dashboard using Victoria Census data with an open topic.

I have decided to help my colleagues with choosing the right industries for their placements. We will soon be completing our training and looking towards the next steps in our professional journey, and I wanted to provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their preference.

To do this, I decided to focus on Victoria industries’ performance, as this information could help our cohort to understand which industries are performing well and may have the potential for growth and success.

One of the main challenges for today was that Alteryx was not allowed. To overcome this obstacle, I used Tableau Prep to manipulate and structure the data in a way that would make it more suitable for visualization. I will guide you through the process of using Tableau Prep and building the dashboard. Let’s get started.


First Step

Collect all the data and import it into Tableau Prep and use the cleaning and pivoting functions to prepare the data for analysis. Tableau Prep is a useful tool for performing common data-cleaning tasks. Once the data has been cleaned, join the datasets and export them as a Hyper file.












Next step

Once I had the data ready, I imported it into Tableau and began constructing the visualization.

As previously mentioned, the goal is to help the team in making informed decisions about their future placements by presenting industry annual earnings, earning trends, average weekly wages in various industries, total employment numbers, and unemployment trends.












I have selected the industries that our clients’ projects belong to and the ones that we will be working on. Based on the data shown, the manufacturing industry emerges as a top performer across various metrics. It has the second-highest earnings, growth rate, and employment, as well as the third-highest average weekly wages and relatively low unemployment rates.


In conclusion, the manufacturing industry is one of the best options. However, it is crucial to also consider other factors such as personal interests and strengths in order to make the best decision.

You can access the dashboard by clicking the link attached. Please feel free to explore it.




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