The data we get for dashboard week day 3 is the Star Wars data from the online API. The API has the data related to the first two trilogies of the Star Wars Movies. We can find the data for all the six movies, including the films themselves and the People, Planets, Starships, Vehicles and Species which appeared in each of them.

So I’ll talk about how to work with the Star Wars API in two parts: the data preparation and the dashboard design approach.

  • The data preparation

To get the data from the Star Was API, we need to use Alteryx workflows. Since the API is an open API, which means it does not need authentications, the workflows to retrieve data are actually not too complex. The only thing we need to take care of is the paging for some of the data files. An example of the workflow is shown here.

The key steps in this workflow are:

  1. Mannualy put all page requests in the Text Input Tool, so we can get the whole data of a table in just one workflow.
  2. After the first CrossTab action, a row in each table has different number of link columns to related tables, this needs another Transpose action and a bit of data cleaning to move back to row levels.

Next I’ll talk about the design of the dashboard based on the data we can get from the API.

  • The dashboard design approach

After carefully looking at the data retrieved from the API, I choose to tell a story about the movies themselves. I’ve always been a big fan of the first trilogy of the Star Wars movies. So I decided to show some analysis about why they were the best in the whole series. To do this, I further find and download some IMDB data for these movies, which has budget, income, and profit details for each of them. With the help of these data, I built the dashboard which is shown here.

On the dashboard, it’s all about comparison between the first trilogy and the second.

  1. Based on the API data, we can show the count of People, Planets, Species, Starships, and Vehicles for each trilogy and for each movie itself.
  2. Based on the additional IMDB data for these six movies, we can see the big differences in budget, income and profit between these two trilogies.

To conclution, from the analysis of high and low of these star wars movies, the key take away we can have is that a good story is everything.

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