Second last day of the dashboard week! Time flys!


Today’s challenge is to obtain data through API and then make it into a dashboard. We were initially given data about Prime Minister transcripts, but unfortunately, the access to the data is blocked and we had to change another topic. SpaceX is chosen. It is a great chance to dive deep into Elon Mask’s SpaceX. Although I have absolutely no idea about spaceships or rockets whatsoever, I am interested to explore bits of knowledge in this area.

Again, we achieved finishing presentation by 10:00am so that we get to start the new project.

Step 1 (Morning 10:00am – 12:30am)

We started by looking at the API documentation. Luckily, the API part was not difficult and we were all able to obtain the data pretty quickly. However, there are many different tables with lots of terms that I never heard of. It took me quite a bit of time to search for the terms and understand the terms and the relationship of those tables. After having a certain level of understanding, I decided to go ahead with Launches, Rockets, and Crews (although I ended up not using the Crews table at all). I used Alteryx to obtain the data I needed through API calls. Since there are hundreds of columns and the naming of columns seems messy, I choose to get rid of most columns that I do not need and renamed all the columns I need. It becomes much easier to recognize the columns.

A good lunch break and some time away from the screen is always helpful.

Step 2 (Afternoon 1:00pm – 3:00pm)

I discovered that there were only 8 launches that have crews on board, so I thought I’d make an interesting topic about “What it takes to ride on SpaceX”, but unfortunately, after I cleaned and looked at the data, all these 8 launches are exactly the same, except the crew members are different. So I have to give up on this topic. Then I choose to focus on 2 areas, the overall development of SpaceX and analyze the evolution of Rockets. Then I started thinking about my dashboard design and started drawing. Below are my final drawings (some changes are made afterward after putting charts in).

Step 3 (Afternoon 3:00pm – 5:00pm)

Time to start making charts and dashboards. I am already running late as formatting really takes a lot of time. I was able to complete my landing page and overview page by 5:00pm and a bit of overtime working is needed to complete the job. Checked out my completed dashboards!




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