The final dashboard week challenge was using the Big Bash League data for the T20 cricket league in Australia. I was really excited about this one as I don’t like cricket. I love it!

The data had ball-by-ball data from 2011-2021 and match data for the same period. This was great and I set off making a host of measures like economy rates and strike rates etc. The data seemed pretty clean, and I began looking for stories. I noticed that the most successful team was Sydney Sixers and the least successful was Sydney Thunder. That seemed like a good story to examine the why of this tale of one city. I began collating the batting and bowling data for the 2 teams to see where potential differences may be.

Once I had done this, I couldn’t really see any major differences between the two teams, so the reason likely lies outside the data provided here. I spent so long looking for stories that weren’t there and creating measures to try and test that I nearly missed the 3 pm deadline. Anyway, I managed to produce a fairly simple dashboard, but the dataset is something I plan to play around with once we finish a couple of upcoming client projects.




My general reflections on Dashboard Week were that it was fun and useful to have a number of tasks using different software from Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx and Tableau Prep. I enjoyed the variety of having a scraping task, a spatial task, survey data and some sports data. The time pressure wasn’t really too bad, apart from the last day (mainly due to fatigue I think). I do enjoy working with data like we had this week rather than sales and profit-based data. Glad it’s over though!

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