This is the fourth dashboard of the everyday Dashboard week and covers the use of both Alteryx and tableau.

For this dashboard, we were accessing the eventful site using API from where we were asked to extract the data. I chose to compare the upcoming health events from three major cities from across Australia. To compare the data for the three cities, I then had to scrape the data from the Eventful site, with the help of Alteryx using URL in the download tool.

Then, with the help of Jason parse tool and multiple cleansing tools, I finally had the clean data ready to be used in the tableau.

Further, in the visualisation section, my focus was to demonstrate different events Healthwise in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Upon hovering on each city logo, you can get the idea of on the number of days occurring on each day of the week – for example, In Melbourne – Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days to keep events at 24%.

In the next section, I have segregated the events according to their high/medium/low popularity.

Also, if you hover on each bar you can find the percentage of recurring events.

Click the picture below to see the complete viz.


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