Beware San Francisco!  Someone is ……..

At this stage if you guys are felling very frustrated and sleepy then you are not alone. After surviving the third day of Dashboard week, we finally moved to the day where our coach was a bit easy on us and gave a very clean and small data set of San Francisco.

After exploring the dataset in Alteryx, I found that the dataset is quite latest as Year 2024 records were also there, which might act as outlier as the number of records were very few. Further, as I wanted to focus more on robberies I filtered out those records. Finally left with 18049 records out of 818532 records.


After analyzing the data, I came up with very interesting results. I found that there is around 15% of increase in robberies and most of the robberies done forcibly compared to using weapons, guns and knife things.

The tableau public link is here

Please have a look on my dashboard

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