Hey everyone! It’s Thursday – day 4 of dashboard week and we have a new challenge.

The Workflow


For today’s dataset, we were given the data about power plants in the world by country, their capacity, and the generation figures.

As the data comes in with some fields and value presented horizontally, my Alteryx workflow was used to transpose the data. For the data to supplement my dashboard, I got the carbon dioxide emission in Australia in the last 10 years (my plan was to obtain the data from all countries). I also need to run them through an Alteryx workflow and format in order to union the data eventually.

The Dashboard

My main focus of this dashboard is to talk about the generation of electricity by using sustainable and non-sustainable resources. I noticed that the estimated energy for sustainable resources always higher than the generated over the years, with hydro power as the main reason. So I kind of explored around this to find out why.

I also looked at the high correlation between the amount of energy generated from non-sustainable resources with the total emission of carbon dioxide, which is not the case when using sustainable resources.

In conclusion, the dashboard still gave very much an overview with less details and drilldown. If I had more time I would like to try to find more story around this area, something like the energy consumption by different resources, price for building sustainable power plant, and look for more recent data.

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