Hi there, dashboard week – day 4! Our challenge for day 4 was to work with the power plant data source provided, and we were free to find another resource to enhance our story, which I found I complementary data source from ANEEL (Brazilian energy agency).

My approach:

After some time reading “read me” to understand the data source “Global power plant” from world resources institute and having set a story, I start to navigate to ANEEL website in order to find some extra resources to enrich my story as I choose to work with Brazilian’s power plant.


Basically, I used Alteryx to clean, prepare and join the data sources: one from https://datasets.wri.org/dataset/globalpowerplantdatabase , and another one from https://dadosabertos.aneel.gov.br/dataset/agentes-de-geracao-de-energia-eletrica/resource/26cad4e9-fa05-4962-be79-0ab9dcfc03e1 .



Barbosaus News Journal Edition: 2. Despite the joke, my main idea was to count the story to bring the facts and the impact of power plants on the environment. this is the result:

My conclusion is nice to live in a developed environment. However, we need to respect the environment as itself. It was a pleasure to have worked with this kind of data. I also could learn a lots of stuff from power plants in Brazil, and even being Brazilian, I didn’t know 80% about power plants in Brazil such us quantities of power plant, fuel types etc.

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