Bronx tenants, eviction moratorium has ended !

The Bronx community is composed almost entirely of renters, nearly 60% of whom are “cost-burdened” according to the federal definition, spending more than 30% of their gross monthly income on housing.

Here comes the last day of Dashboard week. At this stage I was completely lost and frustrated for working at home in the nights. Not getting enough sleep has made me completely crazy. That day i also reckon Shane that dashboard presentation should not  be carried on the next morning. It should be finished on the same day so that everyone should get enough sleep after going home.

Anyways, for this day the dataset was gain very clean and small. I think this is the strategy of The Data school like starting with complex and huge dataset and then lower it down over the days, We just need to analyze the evictions happened in NY over the time.

For this dataset, I created the dashboard keeping landlords in my mind that if any landlord has to invest or wanted to rent his/her house in NY then which part would be more safe. Like I wanted to filter out the areas where maximum eviction has had happened that might label that area as a dodgy one for the landlords

Analyzing the data I found that Bronx county has maximum evictions and drilling down further to its zip codes I observed Norwood has maximum evictions of ~37%. The link for the dashboard is here


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