We all finally made it to the final day of dashboard. A slight change of plans, rather than presentations in the morning we will be presenting both the day 4 and day 5 dashboard in the afternoon.

The challenge for day-5 is in regards to Formula 1 racing. There is a lot of tables and its up to us to connect them and see what works the best. There is not a lot of data prep as the data quite clean. All the joins were done in Tableau using relationships.

My initial idea was to look at McLaren and to see how successful they are. However, I should have de-scoped a little more and simplifies things a bit more so that my story is a little more coherent.


This is the data model that I ended up using for my dashboard. I realised too late that I could have made relationships between the drivers and races, to get a more of a complete picture of the data and a more effective story.


A quick snapshot of my dashboard. I believe I have answered the question of are they a successful team overall. Going forward, I would spend more time on doing the KPI and dong the KPI’s, and doing more advanced calculations to calculate the winner, and even a drill down through the tracks as well.

In conclusion, I have made it through dashboard week and delivered 5 dashboard in 5-days, and written 5-blogs as well.

Thank you for reading these blogs everyday, thank you to all the coaches and cohort that helped me get this far, and good luck to the next cohort that does dashboard week and can be inspired from my experiences.

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