Hey everyone!

It’s finally the last day of the dashboard week. Today’s dataset is very interesting which is about shark attacks in the last decade.

The Workflow

The data was not clean especially with the date and time format due to different style in reporting over time, even with the content in each row. So after cleaning in Alteryx, I also used Tableau to categorise shark species and type of activity.

This below workflow was used to prepare for the data that I found to supplement my dashboard. It is about the average temperature in Australia and USA, used for the scatter plot.

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides information about species reported to attack the most, countries and states that have people encountered shark attacks and the trend over the year.

The bottom two charts present the frequency that shark attacks usually happened, which was mainly in summer as the temperature rose. However, white sharks, the species that have been reported to attack humans for frequently than any other species, can start coming closer to the shore at temperatures as low as below 20 degrees.



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