Day 5 was the final day of dashboard week! We were provided with a data set containing information about Museums in the US. We were allowed to supplement with other data and use Alteryx for data prep. In the data set were the locations of all the museums as well as the category of museum and information on their income and revenue. I started out by creating points in Alteryx in order to visualise the locations of all the museums. I then created a dashboard where you can view the locations of museums by their type and also see which cities have more museums. I also explored which type of museums brought in the most revenue. You can view this dashboard here or below

This dashboard wasn’t particularly insightful so for a bit of fun I decided to investigate alcohol-themed museums. I decided to map out a road trip for someone interested in visiting all of these museums. I used Alteryx to logically decide on a route based on the next nearest location for all the alcohol-themes museums. If I had more time I would’ve also calculated the distance of this road trip.

That’s a wrap on dashboard week! It’s been both exciting and exhausting to have a new data set to understand, analyse, visualise and blog about every day. It’s been a great learning experience especially now that we’re coming to the end of our 16 weeks of training.

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