Hi there, we got it!! Finally, Day 5! The last day of our dashboard week. Our challenge was to clean and work with a data set about shark attacks.

My approach:

knowing it would be a game against time. I analyzed the data set, and then I wrote down some questions about gender; age, time and so on.


As a direction already set, I started to explore more the data analyzing what could be my obstacles to achieving my goal. after some hours of digging through and cleaning up. I check the clock and decided to output what I got so far. check below my workflow:


I tried to show as much as I could from the data source provided, I also brought some new elements that I noticed when I was cleaning the data source. I Found 4 stories inside of this data source which helped me to achieve what I was aiming for. please check below my dashboard:

My conclusion about dashboard week:

I confess, I was too afraid about this week, I was not sure if I would get to do 5 different dashboards over the 5 days. There are some days, I didn’t feel I have done a good job. However, There are more days where I think I did a good job. My opinion about this week, take it seriously!! But, find a way to make it enjoyable. Try to enjoy the challenges and make it in your own. In the end, I hope you figure out how strong you are and how capable you are!!! because this is what I m feeling. Thanks dashboard week to have provided this experience. Thanks The Data School and all my coaches. Especially Bethany Fox for the patience.



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