In the third day of Dashboard Week, our team was presented with the exciting task of analyzing Star Trek’s extensive dataset. This dataset posed a unique challenge, as it consisted of nine sheets without proper keys for data modeling. As a result, a considerable amount of time was spent strategizing on how to build an efficient data model. This blog will walk you through the steps that I took to overcome these hurdles, my experiences with data cleaning, and the design process for creating an interactive and user-friendly Star Trek dashboard.

   Challenges in Data Modeling

One of the primary differences in this dataset was its complexity, containing nine sheets with no clear keys for data modeling. To tackle this issue, I decided to first clean the data and focus only on the essential information, such as the title and release date. By doing so, I created a unified sheet with different types, which allowed for a more straightforward and comprehensive analysis.

    Data Cleaning: A Crucial Step

Once I began visualizing the data in Tableau, I found that some columns contained values that were entirely jumbled up. After a careful investigation, I discovered that the CSV file had numerous extra lines in one cell, leading Tableau to misinterpret the data and place them in the wrong columns. To rectify this, I revisited Alteryx to clean the data thoroughly. This experience emphasized the importance of never assuming data will be perfectly clean and reinforced the need to be prepared for data cleaning at any stage of the process.

    Designing the Star Trek Dashboard

Our main objective for the Star Trek dashboard was to present the abundance of content in a clear and user-friendly manner. Keeping this goal in my mind, the process of building the dashboard felt more streamlined than usual.

Due to the dashboard’s complex nature, I opted not to include screenshots in this blog; however, I invite you to explore it by clicking The dashboard features multiple navigation options and interactive elements, offering a truly immersive experience for Star Trek enthusiasts and data analysts alike.


Analyzing Star Trek’s data was an exhilarating experience that taught me the importance of thoughtful data modeling and data cleaning. As I continue to learn and grow in my data analysis journey in Data School, I look forward to tackling more exciting challenges in the future.

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