Our task for the third day is to pick one or multiple statistics to scrape using Alteryx, investigate them, and then find a story to create a dashboard. You are also encouraged to supplement your findings with additional data to enhance your story.

Initially, my idea was to investigate the impact of screen resolution on user experience. However, after conducting some research, I found that this topic was too complex to develop a story. I then turned my attention to other statistics available on the same link and became interested in exploring which operating system approach is better for businesses.

This is the workflow in Alteryx. I did not need to do any web scraping as the files were directly downloadable from the website.

Figure1:Alteryx workflow

Here is the dashboard I created.

Figure 2:  Part of dashboard on Tableau

Through my investigation, I found that new competitors like Samsung, Apple, and Oppo have emerged in the mobile space, breaking the traditional desktop ecosystem of Apple and Microsoft. As a result, consumers are no longer restricted to a specific ecosystem and have the option of using different operating systems. This has also led to tools on each ecosystem becoming less sticky than before.

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