After weeks of Client’s projects, we got back to our training with the dashboard week challenge. I will give a quick explanation on the dashboard week for anyone of you that does not know what that is.

Dashboard Week is the only week that we have to present every day on the dashboard that we have finished the day before. There will be 4 challenges for our cohort. The first challenge for this special dashboard series is to get data from ice and fire API and then create a dashboard using that data.

The Data challenge

One of the most important criteria of the dashboard week challenge is time boxing. We all have to finish at 5pm and write a blog about our work. However, we have some challenges dealing with the data from the API as there are a lot of duplicates on the character name. One character may have up to 24 character IDs. As the result, we spent a lot of time dealing with this challenge using Alteryx.

The Dashboard

After spending almost 5 hours getting the data ready, I managed to find an interesting story that I want to tell. My Dashboard focuses on the tragic event that took place at the Twins in 299 AC. This is also one of the famous scenes from the TV series which is called the Red Wedding.

Here is the link to my dashboard, I hope you enjoy my finding.

Dashboard week – The red wedding | Tableau Public


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