Can you clean, analyse, visualise and then present a dashboard in a day?
If you’d asked me this 4 months ago you would receive a straight ‘NO!’ quite quickly.  However, here after the first day of dashboard week I do feel a sense of accomplishment, not just about managing to complete the task successfully but also the realisation of how far I’ve come in these 4 months of intensive training.

The Task
Build an insightful dashboard using Australian Charity data available from 2017-2019.

The dataset was a single very wide table providing information about registration status, activity, beneficiaries and financials to then.


The Approach

Analyse, analyse..analyse!

I wanted to build an explanatory dashboard that has a defined story and went right into Alteryx to better understand the dataset. After spending some time viewing the available data I decided to focus on charities that have been revoked status or have voluntarily decided to opt out of being a charity and compare those to active charities.

The Clean

We had wide table and for Tableau we needed several long ones.
Hence, I divided the table into a dimension table consisting of unique charities and several fact tables independently consisting of activities, beneficiaries and financials.

The fact tables were de-normalised (unpivoted) to allow the ability to allow the straight-forward usage of LODs in Tableau.


The Visual

Simple and effective was the approach while building the dashboard, to help easily compare the revoked/voluntarily exited organizations to the registered ones.

Final Thoughts

All in all I believe this was both a successful approach and visualisation choice for the story. It was received well by the audience, who provided some valuable albeit minor feedback to help further improve the user interface.

Keeping the time constraint in mind. I do think I need to improve my time management, particularly during analysis to avoid going down a rabbit hole, leaving less time to design a dashboard. That is what Day 2 is for and I am pumped.

Only direction is up from here and I think I have set myself a really good base.


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