If you read my blog yesterday, I ended it saying there is no way but up. Oh how wrong was I. Presented with a rich dataset of Australian superannuation data I was confronted with several challenges that I struggled with through the day.

The very first one was my lack of knowledge in the subject matter, which led to a rabbit hole of readings trying to find a story to tell through the data.

The second was transforming this data into a usable format. Considering that I had narrowed my scope yet, it was difficult to clean the data efficiently as I wasn’t sure which facet of the data I required.

Finally, I came up with the idea of building an Amazon like interface where a user could feed in parameters like their investment income, type of growth and period. Once the parameters are filled and a fund is selected there are visuals the user can acquire more details about that particular super fund.

The Win
I believe the concept and interface works well and my ability to quickly design a good looking dashboard has begun to improve.

The Learning

Going down a rabbit hole to quickly learn about a vast topic was definitely not the right approach. Having to do it all again I probably would build an exploratory dashboard to visualise the data on a macro level, allowing the user to slice and dice the data as they please.

Onto the next one and it is bound to be better.


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