Adamant to learn from the mistakes I made in my previous report where I took too long to narrow the scope and focus on a specific insight, I was tasked with building a dashboard using US election data.

The Task
Build an insightful dashboard using election contributions and recipient data available from 1979-2022.

The dataset was extensive providing summarized numbers of each state or federal election held, while also having individual granular files containing each transaction within an election.

The Approach

Using Alteryx I quickly analysed the data structure which contained each candidate, which office he/she was running for and the party they belonged to.
I decided to focus on ‘purple state’ (states that have historically swung from republican to democratic and vice versa) federal elections to understand whether candidate spend greatly affected the result of the campaign.

The Clean

Since the data was on the granularity of the candidate and we needed election level granularity, the data was cleaned in alteryx and joined to itself to provide the loser and winner of the election on a single row.

The Visual

A simple impactful dashboard conveying the effective winning percentage to spend. The dashboard has a purple undertone representing the chosen states while also provides an insight on how un-itemized bills are contributing to senate elections.
Dashboard Image

Final Thoughts

So far, I believe this dashboard is the best attempt to convey an effective message quickly. The dashboard was easy to digest for the viewing audience and the aesthetics of the dashboard was well appreciated.

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