Hi everyone, once in one of my sentiment analysis projects, I was requested to check which languages were spoken in the letters. So, I used the API below to help me with my project. Here is the link to download the API: How to identify languages in Alteryx – Alteryx Community

First step:

Go to Dashboard | Detect Language

Create an account, by default you will be signed up for free-plan which allows you to do 1000 requests/day or 1 MB/day.

Second Step:

Copy the API key and paste it inside the API tool in the workflow, and then you will be set up to start.

Note: In case the free plan is not sufficient, as it was not for me, I signed up for Plus. Then, I won some credits which allowed me to sign up for Premium for a few days, and it helped me. It was enough.

How does it work?

I have created a workflow in Alteryx to show how the language is detected.

Just link the input to API tool, select the column which needs to be detected and run the workflow.



As we can see, API is bringing the language for each row inputted.


If you want to bring the language name for each language detected.

Go to API’s website => Languages => copy and paste the languages code and language in a text input, and then Join them by Language code. as below:

Hope this helps you as It helped me and thank you so much.


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