In the land of the unknown, anything can be true. I first heard the word “Tableau” 4 months ago when I saw a job opportunity from The Data School. One thing that amazed me was that they were not looking for people with any experience or a particular background, they had nothing to do with my CV (which I never made). I was instantly interested and wanted to secure a place. But after a week or two, the dark halo clouds (of doubts), hovered all over me. So today in this blog, I will try to give my viewers few tips which I hoped someone would have told me when I was making my visualization.


How to show passion for data?

I read on the site that The Data School is looking for applicants who have a “passion for data”. I didn’t even know if I had a passion for data, or, what the statement means. I wish someone had told me what I am telling via this blog- our passion for anything is not something we need to prove to others; people will notice that we are passionate about something when they see our efforts and the work we are putting into something to achieve that goal. While making the viz, ask yourself very seriously, “is this the best I can do?”

Don’t pick data first to make a good viz, instead, think about something you feel is important to tell others, and then find data on that. I explained this more in “What I need to show” part of the blog.


Where should I study from?

I studied on YouTube and Udemy and took courses on skill-share, problem was that most resources teach us the advance stuff, without telling us what their actual uses are.
I felt so frustrated because at no point I was confident enough to make a dashboard by myself. So, I changed my style of preparation, I planned to make 10-15 dashboards on tableau public. I watched YouTube and Udemy make the dashboard and posted those on Tableau public. After making 7-8 dashboards I was confident enough to make a dashboard by myself.


“The dashboard by the previous cohorts is so “Intimidating”, No way someone who is not a tableau expert can make that quality of dashboard”

While seeing the big picture, when we see all of the dashboards, it does look so amazing. I scrolled tableau public, and see more than 100s of the dashboard, but less than 1% was better than the dashboard from the previous cohorts of The Data School
I felt so lost, and was asking myself if can I really make something like that?
Why do the guys want to learn tableau if they can make something as good as that?
Should I do a certification course, learn tableau, and then apply for The Data School?
Many such doubts were in my mind. Again, the dark Halo clouds, hovering all over me, reflecting my soul? Really? No. Ok.
Anyways, I came up with a strategy, I asked myself, what charts are Intimidating me? So, I analyzed few dashboards, and, in each dashboard, there are 7-9 graphs- bars, pie, maps, and so on. I knew I can make 6-7 of them easily but only 2 or a maximum of 3 shapes looked advanced, I searched on YouTube how to make those shapes, and I find out that it takes only 4-7 minutes to learn how to make it.
Boom, I now know that I can include advanced shapes in my application. So now I was only left with one, and the most important question,



“What do I need to show”?

The Data School wants you to be a good analyst. The role of an Analyst is to show clients how they can optimize their business. For that, they need to study the data and find something useful.
Will you select anyone who in the dashboard shows the information which everyone can figure out?
Please invest your time in finding the best possible thing and make your story around that.
Remember, The Data School is not interested in any “company’s information” application, your application chart should be something interesting.
Ask yourself, what is something you know, and you feel that if other people follow this, they can make more profit, or they can optimize the output.


“How To get an edge on my application”?

Read blogs written by The Data School team about how they make it in. Prepare for your presentation. “The graph shows emmmmmmmm and this means aaaaa which is 20% more I mean less thannnnnnnnnnn ” No one like this kind of presentation so please try to practice it many times before you present. Remember, you are not showing junk of graphs you are telling a story, so tell a good one.

Search The Information Lab on google and read blogs from The Data School UK. 

Attend “Meet and Greet“,  an event organized by The Data School and you will get great insights on what not to do!

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