The task

Using an API for Star Wars Data, aka SWAPI, we used Alteryx (yay, finally!) to download the data and perform our analysis.

The approach

Firstly I read the documentation to understand the fields before setting up to download the data from the API. Luckily no authentication was required so I was able to easily get the data.

As a side note, it appears that a lot of the data from what the SWAPI had a few years ago has been removed following the franchise’s purchase by Disney. An assumption was made that they designated what parts of the Star Wars series was canon and so lots of other characters from various media were scrapped.

The Alteryx workflow

Although retrieving the data was easy enough, cleaning the data for my purposes proved to be a very long task and once again I spent hours doing so. I was always distracted with formatting and my dashboard was a tad bit ambitious.

My problems began when ideas popped into my head and my creative juices were flowing. I had decided to take data from the planets table and attempt to price each one. This turned into a Real Estate website concept.

When I realise that I have less than an hour to complete the dashboard

Moving forward

I made the executive decision to move with what I had and attempted to focus on trying to find insights or a story.

While doing so, MORE ideas began propping up and I added it to my work. Unfortunately this did not help as I was already short on time. I am now stuck with a half completed but pretty looking dashboard! I should have known real estate would be problematic

What I did well
  • For someone who hadn’t played with Alteryx for a while, I surprisingly found it easy to get back into solving the problem. Like riding a bike
  • I had fun with this dashboard
  • Enjoyed the creativity and the use of the Death Star as a proxy
How can I improve
  • Once again I struggle with time boxing and sticking with a plan
  • Scope creep is real I had too many ideas I thought would be fun
  • Working on the MVP first
  • Too much style, not enough substance

I hope you enjoyed this post.

You can check out the dashboard here.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to connect with and message me over at LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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