The task

Using Census 2021 data, we were advised to pick at least two topics and deliver a dashboard. Transforming the data may have been required and also changing the column headers. Don’t spend time getting paralysis by analysis!


The approach

I read some of the documentation and chose two topics I thought could be related:

  • Mortgage repayments based on the dwelling
  • Number of bedrooms per dwelling

While doing the workflow to clean the data and get more out of it, I realised that, in general, people would pay higher prices for houses with more bed rooms and therefore higher mortgages.


This would act as my hypothesis until the realisation that the aggregate data showed more of a distribution than an amount of mortgage.


I spent a very considerable time on my Alteryx workflow, more than my SWAPI, but this paid off when it was easier to work with in Tableau.


Moving forward

I made the executive decision to move with what I had and focus on trying to find insights or a story.  But then I also way into fixing the Alteryx workflow

I ended up not using the data from the big one anyway


HOWEVER I struggled to find any connections and pivoted about three times. I ended up just doing something like this in the morning.



What I did well

  • For someone who hadn’t played with Alteryx for a while, I surprisingly found it easy to get back into solving the problem. Like riding a bike

How can I improve

  • Once again I struggle with time boxing and sticking with a plan
  • Struggled with understanding data and pivoted last minute.
  • Got too absorbed in the Alteryx side of things. Must stop.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Could’ve made a macro!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

You can check out the dashboard here.

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Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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