In the recent weeks, our team has explored the new features in Tableau release in 2023.3 and 2024.1 (beta). There are couple of new features that add more flexibility in the creation of visualisation and this article will focus on one of them in Tableau Desktop: the Dynamic Axis Ranges (with parameter). With the capacity to combine dynamic axis range and parameters, Tableau opens up new possibilities for fine-tuning your visualizations. Let’s explore how dynamic axis range with parameters works:

Dynamic Axis Range: Dynamic axis range, allows users to automatically adjust the axis range based on the data present in the view. This ensures that your visualizations remain relevant and accurate, adapting to changes in the underlying dataset.

Parameter in Dynamic Axis Range: Parameters are user-defined values that can be used to control various aspects of a Tableau workbook. In Tableau 2023.3, parameters can be leveraged to introduce an additional layer of control over dynamic axis range.

As we can see in the picture below, when we use filter action to filter the line chart based on the bar graph, it will only show the values that are selected.

With Dynamic Axis Range, selecting the bars will only pass on the date range to the line chart and contains all the values during the selected period. You can either define one end of the Axis as a parameter, or both ends.

Fixed Max End with Dynamic Min:

Here’s the steps to use dynamic axis range with parameters:

  1. Create a Parameter:
    • Go to the Data pane, right-click, and select “Create Parameter.”
    • Define the parameter details, define the data type as the same data type as the measure you use on the Axis, in this case Date.
  2. Integrate Parameter with Axis Range:
    • Access the axis for which you want dynamic range.
    • Right-click on the axis, click “Edit Axis,” and in the Range Section, select Custom, then select the parameter you created
  3. Set Dashboard Actions to Adjust Parameter Values:
    • Then put the chart into a dashboard, and set dashboard action to change the parameter value based on the selection on the visual.

Here is the dashboard with three different types of action, feel free to have an explore here, or head to the Tableau Public and download the workbook via the following link:

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