This post is going to build on the foundations from part 3 of the series. If you have not read part 3, I recommend you do so, by clicking here .

Let’s get into it.

First you will need to have the dashboard with 4 charts that was built in part 3 of the series.

The Logic

The Logic behind this next part is that I will use parameter actions to update the parameter from another chart. First, I need to build a chart using the Region dimension, any chart will do (I will use concentric, aka onion, chart).

Add New Chart to Dashboard

Next I will add the new chart to the dashboard.

The Parameter Action and Formatting

Once I have added the new chart, I will:

  1. First, remove the Parameter from the dashboard.
  2. Next, format the dashboard with the legend and sizing.
  3. Then, set the parameter action.

The Final Product

Finally, I need to test the dashboard to make sure it is behaving as I want.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You now have a fully functional 4 quadrant sheet swapping/zooming dashboard controllable from another chart.

I hope you have found the post useful, and I will see you next time.

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