Last week looked at using dynamic zone in tableau 2022.3 to achieve a cleaner way to sheet swap on a dashboard. This week I will be looking into another use case.

Remember The Rules

Tableau has some ground rules for this new feature, as it states on their brief guide:

To be used for Dynamic Zone Visibility, a field or parameter must be:

  • Boolean Field
  • Single value.
  • Independent of the viz, meaning the field returns a constant value independent of the structure of the viz, such as a fixed level of detail (LOD) calculation
Let’s Begin (again)

We already have our dashboard from part 1 (so if you haven’t built one then I suggest you go back and look at that or just build a quick one from scratch).


Now we are going to add a sheet. I have made sales by manufacturer sheet and will add it to the dashboard so that when a state is selected it will appear, relevant to that state. I have dropped this into a floating container on the dashboard. N.B. make sure that State is on the sheet somewhere as that is what we will filter by later.


The idea here will be that once we interact with a section of the dashboard then the new chart will appear and when we unselect the relevant sheet it will disappear. I am going to use Sales by State (the map) as the trigger.

Create a Parameter

Now we need a parameter to drive the dynamic zone aspect of the viz. Create a parameter like the one below for Show Manufacturers


Calculated Fields

Now we create a calculated field that has the function of [Show manufacturers] = TRUE  as below.


Okay now we need to drop this on the filters card on the sheets you want to display when the dashboard trigger is selected.

The Dashboard

Now back to the dashboard.  I need a filter action so go to menu> dashboard> actions and add a filter action. It triggers from the sales by state sheet and actions on the Manufacturer sheet.

Ok so now we just need a parameter action as well as below.


Last piece of the puzzle is now to select the containers and go to layout and check the “Control visibility” using value and select the field version of show Manufacturers.


Ok you’re all set and should have the functionality demonstrated below.


Check out the full viz on my Tableau Public See you next time for Part 3.

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