Welcome to the fourth challenge of Dashboard Week! This task is a bit more complex than the previous ones as we are required to scrape the data from a given link and analyze it to build an insightful dashboard on SpaceX rocket data. Let’s dive into the process and see how we can accomplish this.

Gather and Explore the data

To begin, we utilized Alteryx and APIs to collect the data. Careful examination of the documentation was crucial before proceeding. For this task, I decided to focus on rocket data. Below is the workflow developed in Alteryx to scrape the data:

After retrieving the rocket data in both Alteryx and Tableau, I realized that adding the number of launches would provide a more comprehensive picture. So, I re-modeled the workflow and performed a join between Launches and Payloads to enrich the dataset.


For the analysis, I created several interactive charts to visualize various aspects of the SpaceX rockets:

Rocket Information: A chart showcasing details about each rocket, including success percentage and engine specifications.

A description on the rocket will be displayed when you click on each rocket.

Reusability: A chart illustrating the reusability of rockets, highlighting the number of reused rockets versus new ones.

Fuel vs. Mass and Height: A chart displaying the relationship between fuel consumption and rocket mass and height.

Payloads and Fuel: A chart demonstrating the payloads of each rocket and associating them with their fuel consumption.

Cost: A chart demonstrating the average cost per launch for each rocket.

Build the Dashboard:

After creating the individual charts, it was time to assemble them into a comprehensive dashboard. By dragging all the components into the dashboard and formatting them, we aimed to present a visually appealing and informative analysis of SpaceX rockets. I have added a show/hide button to view the legends.

This has two dashboards as shown below.

As we dive into the world of SpaceX rockets through this dashboard, we hope to uncover fascinating insights and gain a deeper appreciation for space exploration.

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