Hi there, our challenge for dashboard week – day 3 is to web scrape the website: https://gs.statcounter.com/social-media-stats/all/worldwide/2009, pick one or multiple stats and investigate.

My approach:

The topic that I choose is social media in Brazil and google the interesting stats points to enhance my story.


Firstly, I copy the original link and change the period to start in 2019-Jan.


After having downloaded the content in another workflow, I copied the header and the first line and started a new workflow in order to work with a small part of the data and achieve the output I was expecting, so then I could apply the same logic to the entire data source.

Trying to replicate the same logic in the entire data source hasn’t worked. Analysing the output, I found some broken lines inside the same row.

After a couple of attempts and checking Alteryx’s community and not finding a solution fast way to start to work on my dashboard. One of my coaches Natalia helped to build the workflow, and the final workflow is shown below:


My approach this time to build the dashboard is to try to present it in a website format presenting the interesting points that I found out analyzing the data source.

I got struggled to find a complementary data source that could enhance my main data source. Also, I focused too much to design my dashboard instead of focusing only on the data I had on hand. A few comments from my coach Bethany are to include the title on this dashboard and remove the gif because it is too distracting. I reckon the title I’m using on this blog would fit pretty well on my dashboard. Last my not least, I should have found a complementary data source related to social media in Brazil.

My conclusion about the dashboard week:

Well, we are only on the third day. Despite the challenges that I’m facing on, the dashboard week for me is being good so far. I’m discovering and learning new stuff, and also putting into practice some techniques we have been learning over the past months. I still have a lot to learn, recap, and practice. You know what? for those starting the journey right now, my best advice: “make the dashboard week enjoyable”. Maybe, someone will not be able to present good stuff every single day during this week, also because we just have a day to work on the data and presenting on the next day, being the first task of the day. So again, take the dashboard week seriously, but find a way to make this week enjoyable!!!




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