Welcome back to my blog. This time, I have brought you a map of Brisbane with a location of parks with barbeque facilities.

I have used Dynamic Zone Visibility feature in Tableau that enables drill down to lower or higher granular level.

The beauty of this map is, if we select particular suburb, this drills down into map of that suburb with location of barbeque and amenities close to 500 meters of it.

Data is obtained from Australian Bureau of Statistics, and I used Alteryx to curate data. This consists of three spatial files for Brisbane suburbs, barbeques and amenity’s location.

Steps to recreate this dashboard.

Step 1: Add all data source and create a join using Suburbs. 

Step 2: Use ‘Geometry’ measure from each table in data pane to create a layer of map by adding them to Marks Layer.

For example, Suburb’s geometry to Details mark gives you suburbs of Brisbane. Likewise, BBQ and toilet location’s geometry field give you point in the map in different layers, and you can format these layers on their own.

Step 3: Duplicate the sheet.

Step 4: Create a Parameter and name it “Suburb Parameter” and configure with data type String. 

Step 5: Now a Calculated Field and name it “Suburb Match” and drag it to filter shelf with True selected into duplicated sheet (i.e. worksheet to be drilled down to). 

Step 6: Create another calculated field and name it “Suburb not selected”.

The reason to leave a blank as parameter value is to clear out selection of suburb from parameter.







Step 7: By this time, you can build a dashboard using two sheets inside a horizontal or vertical container.

Make sure to enable Dynamic Zone Visibility from dashboard layout into the source worksheet using “Suburb not selected” parameter.

Step 8: Create Parameter Action and call it “Update Suburb Parameter” and configure like below. 

You need to make sure Set Value to “blank” is selected.

Also, Source Field should be a field in a map layer that is used to complete filter action upon selected. So, we choose “Suburbs” in our case.









That will be our dashboard using dynamic zone visibility and can be viewed on Tableau Public.


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