Warm welcome, friendly introductions, delightful lunch while enjoying scenic views of Melbourne city and crucial tech setup is how I will summarize our cohort’s first day at The Data School. After the perfect first day we started our Alteryx first week training with David.

David introduced us to Alteryx, and we got our first go on the tool. We were overwhelmed with the features of the tool. Week progressed swiftly, and we got more training on the tool from Bethany and Natalia. Every day brought new learning, new challenges and new curiosities.

The coaches have made the learning very interesting and fun. Every member of our cohort is doing their best to learn and support each other. I am absolutely fascinated by the tool and am thoroughly enjoying developing workflows in Alteryx and solving weekly challenges.

Lets take a look at the first Alteryx weekly challenge that I solved:

Tools used: Input data, Text to Columns, Select, Data cleansing, Date time and Browse

The use of Text to Columns tools is very interesting. It splits the selected field into desired number of columns based on the delimiter selected.

Before splitting the field:

After splitting the field:

This is an example of a weekly Alteryx challenge.

The more I am learning the more I am realizing that Steve Jobs has rightly said, “Learn continually – there is always ‘one more thing’ to learn”!

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