I came across Tableau very first time while attending information session about The Data School Down Under. As a student of Data Science, I was familiar with python and R to create visualisations or charts. But after learning about Tableau, I was mesmerized by the way how Tableau can create beautiful charts and dashboards. This was the perfect data visualisation tool that I was looking for a very long time.

I put my application through and after putting long hours into action, The Data School Down Under at Brisbane accepted my application.

There we go, after much of an anticipation and eagerness to learn, I arrive at Wharf Street on 23rd Oct 2023 as one of DSAU23 Brisbane cohort. First half of the day, our Lead Coach Shane welcomed and introduced us to the team. He gave us account access and laptop. On the second half, we learnt about Visual Best Practices. Afterwards, there was a challenge hour and we presented results among the team. What I am trying to say is that, for sure first four months of training was going to be intense. But at the same time, I found that work environment was calm. No one was rushing around to complete the challenge but were able to meet the deadline. I would say my first presentation did not go bad as well. There was a lots of feedback along with much interaction in the classroom.

Since the first week was all about Tableau Basics. On the second day, we dove straight into hands-on Tableau and started with topics such as connecting to data sources, live vs extract connection, continuous vs discrete data, dimensions vs measures, creating hierarchy and groups. Finally, finished our day with various chart types including correct use of bar or line chart, polygon, density, and map.

On the third day, we started our beautiful morning by sort, nested sort, Top N filters, creating calculated fields and parameters. The way that parameters and calculated fields work together has completely changed my concept on making visuals more interactive. The second half was more focused on creating sets and set actions. I always found this particular topic more challenging, but our coach explained it in a vey easy way. It was amazing to see sets into actions to drill down data to make intuitive charts and visualisation.

On a next day, we had to put together charts and visuals into a dashboard, not just randomly but by careful use of containers. Yes, we learned about containers and how to accurately use them as they can be very frustrating for most of us, I guess. This was it for the day, applying best practices to create a dashboard.

Wow, what a week, learnt a lot about Tableau from the best coaches in The Data School, Bethany Fox and Ross Easton. This was not over yet. Every Friday is a challenge day. Our Lead Coach Shane provide us with a challenge to complete it within 4 hours. Then we have to present outcome to the team and other stakeholders. That’s what we did. We were given a chance to improve our initial application dashboard by using methods and techniques that we learnt over a week and presented it to stakeholders of The Data School.

To sum up, even after the intensive first week, that anticipation and eagerness is still there within me to learn more about the software tools. Also, those soft skills that we need to excel in data analytics and has not over yet. Next week it’s Alteryx …

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