Week 2 was full on with all the elements of big data and visualisation.

As we all know, big data keeps on getting more significant and more useful every second for the organisations to make better decision making. Regardless of the data size, and the data source – us as data scientists need to be on top of our game to be able to succeed in the data race.

Every year tools get updated, and new tools come into the market, however, in this software war knowing some of the multiple purpose ones is the key.

Personally, after working on tableau this past week at The Data School along with my previous self-study and knowledge from the web – I think it’s one of the wholesome software’s out there to build smart and user-friendly visualisation along with the one which can connect to more than 40 different data sources. (this list continues to grow).

Likewise, Alteryx unifies the analytical experience and provides tools to analyse and prepare data using workflows. This process can be accomplished quickly allowing us to generate visualisation within a quick turnaround.

This makes this a perfect combination, wherein Alteryx being the modern analytical platform and Tableau being the visualisation trump in creating greater insights and stories.

For newcomers, an excellent way to start understanding different types of visualisation and practising visualisation would be looking at https://www.makeovermonday.co.uk/

Also, feel free to use Alteryx weekly challenge for practice  here

Another useful source to learn tableau can be found here from the Head Coach at The Data School, Australia.

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