Tableau is a powerful tool to visualize data with versatility from both designer’s and user’s end. Coloring a highlighted group is an instinctive way in data viz to get audiences into the target group. Here we are going to focus on how we could achieve this with creating calculated field. The picture below shows how efficient it is to highlight the “High Sales” and “High Profit” product in the visual. And we are going to do this together in this article!

  1. Load the Sample РSuperstore Data Source, create the view by dragging [Sales] to the Columns and [Profit] to Rows.
  2. Drag [Product Name] to Detail, which will set up the view as follows.
  3. Right Click on the Sales Axis, select “Add Reference Line”, in the pop up window, select “Average” and Label as “Value”; repeat the steps for Profit Axis and you will get two reference lines with average values as follows.
  4. Create calculated field that create a Boolean condition for the target group to be highlighted, in this case both Sales and Profit Value larger than the average value.
  5. Drag the calculated field to the Color Pane which will highlight the target group and edit the colors to your desired.

With target group highlighted, it will make it much easier for the audience to follow. In the next blog, we will be focusing on how we could use parameters to offer more control and interactivity for the users to manipulate the threshold value to achieve dynamic highlighting.

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