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We will talk about sets today. Sets are really powerful and help in our analysis. I will create a scenario where someone requested to you the top 10 and the bottom 10 customers by profit. I will be using the Sample – Superstore data set in this example.

Customer by profit viz:

We have a viz with 800 marks (Customer name) and our aim is to end up with 20 marks (top 10 and bottom 10) in the same Viz.

note: we could pick and drag “customer name” and add in filters, go to tab “Top”, and then apply the conditions. However, it would not help us in this case. Because we want to have on the same viz both conditions.

In order to have both conditions on the same viz, we need to create 2 sets from the same dimension, apply the conditions, and finally combine them.

How to create set?

1 step: right click on the dimension, create and set. it will pop up the window below, select all and go to tab ‘Top’.

2 step: apply the conditions:

Combining the sets

after have created the sets, we need to combine both sets by selecting both, and them right-click => create combined set, as below:

the window below will pop up in your viz:

having you combined set created, the last step is just pick and drag on filters, to end up with the top and bottom 10 on the same viz.

Note: ***Combined set can just be created from the same dimension.

Hope this blog helps you in some way. Thank you so much for reading.

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