homework: “write a word, the meaning of which, not many of us know”

“what’s your word?” the teacher asks him.

“Education. It means ‘an enlightening experience”. Not, being taught subject’s we don’t like to study” replies the boy.

Alteryx to me is like chess, we know what tools can do, its just how and we use them that make us good at it. When I started to work on Alteryx challenges my aim was to expose myself with different problems so that I can get good with formulas. But once I finished around 10 challenges, I realized that I don’t need any help from YouTube, google or solution in Alteryx. After completing the challenges, I was looking at other people challenges to see their solution and compare it with me, and this activity helped me a lot to get comfortable with Alteryx. I was amazed how people with “Ace batch” can use different tools than me to reach the solution quickly. After doing 25 challenges I realized that my solutions are getting better and simpler that most of the other people challenges. Tools like REGEX, MULTI ROW FORMULA, DATE TIME & DYNAMIC RENAME become my go to and favorite go-to tools. Especially Regex helped me a lot. My aim is to learn more Regex as I now know how powerful it can be.
I also realized that to be good at Alteryx you have to practice more and more formulas. I have a register in which I am keeping notes of all the different formulas I learnt during the challenges. My aim is to complete more challenges and get the Advance Certification in the 2nd week of June. For now apart from “Analytic apps” I am super confident in using Alteryx. Currently I am working on Tableau Resume, and also Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam. Once I get the certification done, I will again begin my journey to finish the Alteryx Challenges.
I want my readers to give themself a challenge to come in the top 10 challenge solvers inĀ  the last 30 days. Don’t attempt the basic challenges and cheat yourself, go with the intermediate or advance once if you want to be really good in Alteryx. Thankyou

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