When I first saw the Data School Seek ads, I thought it was a scam.

It was too good to be true – according to the ads, the Data School pays its employees to get trained for Tableau, Alteryx, SQL, etc. These days, People can find boot camps, short courses, and even university degrees to receive similar training, but often it’s another way around – the trainee needs to pay.

Why the Data School attracted me?

I’m not from a data background. I didn’t have any degree in IT, Computer Science, or anything close to the sort – I have a History degree (I did have a few years experience working as an Accountant, but that’s it). Before this journey at the Data School, I had very minimum formal training in the fields of quantitative studies, let alone data analysis. Making a career change to Data sounds impossible to me (it still does today to my friends). So when seeing the Data School ads, I applied immediately – I know this might be one of those very few places that are willing to take me on board.

In the following weeks, I experienced the longest job interview preparation in my entire life. I spent more than 100 hours preparing for the tasks the Data School assigned to me – creating Tabluea dashboards from zero. The Data School wants to see passion and commitment for data from its applicants, something I underestimated at the beginning of the process.

A challenging task

It was pretty painful, to be honest, to learn something from scratch. Creating joints, generating filters, editing formats, connecting sections, and even choosing the right colour combination for the dashboard (seriously, one cannot imagine how painful it is to choose THE right colour for a bar chart), to name a few.

My friends were amazed by what I have achieved in three weeks – from not knowing a tool at all to creating a professional dashboard. The interview went well, especially after all the time spent, I was confident and even proud with the dashboard I made for the interview.


My dashboard for the final Data School application, a demonstration


It’s worth a shot

This was the journey of how I got into the Data School. I encourage anyone who is interested in a career change to Data Analysis to consider this opportunity. Give it a go – I guarantee you that no matter what the result is, you will know it sooner than anyone else.


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