Welcome back to my blogs! Today, I am going to show you an easy way to add tool tip to Tableau viz or in the dashboard. Adding tool tip provides an additional information to the dashboard without cluttering. Moreover, adding tooltips to an image or shapes helps in making it more dynamic with additional insights.

Lets gear up and add tooltip to an image.

  1. First create the viz which you would like to show in the tooltip. Here, I have created the map for the counts of customers in each state using sample superstore dataset.

2. Now create the viz in which you would like to show your first viz. Like I have created bar chart showing the sales in 4 regions.

3. Now, Click on the tooltip (on the marks card) of the viz and select the sheet you would like to show.

4. Once selecting the sheet in the tooltip, we can change the width and height to be displayed.

5. That’s it! Here you go to see your map in the tool tip of the bar graph. Have a look othe these images to have a comparson of counts of customers and the sales of the regions.




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